Using compelling words to grow your brand


I help women in business and busy freelancers like you struggling to get in front of their ideal customers.


  • Perhaps you’re drowning under heaps of paperwork, juggling to run a business and manage a home.
  • Or, you simply don’t have enough hours in the day to blog or write marketing content.
  • Then again, maybe you don’t have the specialist skills to write.

Don’t worry. I will help you. You don’t have to stress anymore about content for your website or blog.


I will be your content creator and…


  • Write compelling marketing copy to entice new customers.
  • Craft amazing website content to showcase your brand.
  • Design, create and send out eye-catching eNewsletters to shoot up your email list.
  • Produce eBooks to use as a marketing giveaway and get your brand out there.
  • Write engaging, informative blog posts with clickable headlines.
  • And even edit and self-publish your eBook or paperback book to sell on Amazon.

Wait, there’s more… I will manage your social media accounts to promote your brand. Sharing the right content on social media can easily go viral, multiply your followers and pull in new customers. Not only that, sit back and watch your website traffic shoot up when word gets out about your products or services.


Did I miss anything from the list above?


Please, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can work together to move your business forward.



“Since June started working with me, my hair and beauty business has become more popular. I have also seen an increase in my income from the business.” Clarity Hair and Beauty

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Grow your business with a blog

Business blogs generate 57% more customers and income.

Content marketing to entice new readers

Produce unique, compelling content often and build trust.

Boost your credibility with an eBook

On top of that, use it as a free download to grow your list.

Some Samples of my Work

What Some of my Clients are Saying…

I hired June because she was highly recommended. She updates my business blog weekly and manages my social media accounts daily. Since she started working with me, my hair and beauty business has become more popular. I have also seen an increase in my income from the business.

My Facebook and Twitter followers have grown. And there is more interaction. My clients have said positive things such as, they like the content, consistency, advice and updates. Another client said she is a regular reader of the blog posts. She adds having a blog makes the salon look more corporate and professional. She enjoys reading the updates and she also believes the blog gives the salon a sense of belonging.

I would definitely recommend June to other local businesses.

Manager, Clarity Hair and Beauty

I’m so happy with Divine Copywriter services. I love how your positive use of words totally compliments me and my website style. Since working with June Whittle, my website bounce rate has gone from 80% to 60%. And the average session time is five minutes. That’s due to my blog. I am receiving more hits too.

I strongly recommend Divine Copywriter if you need help with reaching out to your niche market.

Clover Jean

Entertainer and wedding celebrant, Clover Jean

June Whittle is not only a writer and a fantastic copywriter but she has a wealth of knowledge in driving traffic. With all the information on the internet you need someone who understands how to write in order to engage your audience. She is very helpful, easy to work with and extremely thorough in her approach. 

After a few sessions with June, she has helped transform my personal website into an inviting space which has immediately seen an increase in traffic. I strongly recommend June’s services. Many Thanks. 

Buki Ekeowa

Property Management Consultant, Invest to Dream

Growing your business with high-quality written content

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