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Attract new customers, stand out and beat your competitors

Need a copywriter, blogger or content strategist to manage your writing projects?

Running a business and juggling the normal everyday stuff is an energy sapper. You’ll burn out.

Pass the writing projects over to me. In return,you’ll get precious time to work on your business, while I craft irresistible, high-quality content.


Define your brand voice and entice new customers

Team up with me and I will produce well-researched, engaging, high-quality copy for your business and blog.

In addition, your exclusive content will include specific SEO keywords to drive potential customers, searching on Google for your brand, services and website.  


Exceptional customer service and team work for business success

Before starting on your writing projects I will…            

*  Arrange a face-to-face meeting over coffee, have a Skype or telephone session with you.            

*  Hold a thorough discussion about your business or blogging goals/needs.            

*  Go through a detailed client briefing form with you to establish the right tone of voice, purpose of your content marketing and writing projects. The answers will help me produce a draft of your requirements.

At the end of the day, you get a 100% satisfaction from my work. This means doing as many edits as necessary until you’re happy with the finished results.

Apart from handling your writing projects, you get friendly, professional customer care for as long as we work together. Regular contact with you via Skype, on the phone or by email is part of the package.

In addition, review meetings to discuss progress, and moving forward with the best approach using written content. The feedback will go into developing new ideas or strategies to enhance your business.


Connecting with international clients

I am a London-based copywriter who also works with international businesses and entrepreneurs. I offer clients from Europe, USA and Africa free non-obligatory quotes. One of my loyal, long-term clients lives in Holland. The internet, email, social media and Skype are our connection. So, wherever you are, globally, we can work together.  

Ready to get started?

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A little about June WhittleCopywriter

When I’m not writing, I attend church events, do a little gardening, enjoy trying out new recipes or go for long walks across the Common. I also love hanging out with family and friends.


Face-to-face marketing works

My entrepreneurial journey started when I set up a CV writing business a few years ago. I promoted my services by designing eye-catching leaflets, came up with a catchy sales pitch, walked around the local area, smiling and networking. My face-to-face marketing strategy was a huge success. I secured several new clients including small business owners, bank managers, estate managers, students, accountants and other professionals.


A leap of faith into the unknown

However, a few years later, after getting married and  having my last child, I changed my career. I completed a PGCE teacher training course at Greenwich university. I graduated and worked in further education college as a teacher for more than six years afterwards. Then I did something crazy in 2013. I quit my job to chase my dreams of becoming a freelance copywriter. 

A friend told me I was crazy to give up a secure job for a freelance writing business. No, I wasn’t crazy. I did what I had to do.

I don’t want to end up full of bitterness and regrets because of missed opportunities. What’s more, I enjoy a challenge.


Success is watching a client’s business grow before your eyes

And I also love my job as a copywriter and blogger, especially when I see positive results, like this…

Since working with a long-term and satisfied customer, Clover Jean, her website traffic has increased and she’s had more bookings for her wedding and entertainment business. In addition, by creating and distributing her twice yearly (bilingual) eNewsletters via Mailchimp, her website traffic increased by 400 visitors a day.

So, let’s discuss your business goals and unique voice. I’m ready to get started and believe we will make a great team.

Contact me now and I’ll help grow your business word by word.


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June Whittle is not only a writer and a fantastic copywriter but she has a wealth of knowledge in driving traffic. With all the information on the internet you need someone who understands how to write in order to engage your audience. She is very helpful, easy to work with and extremely thorough in her approach. After a few sessions with her she has helped transform my personal website into an inviting space which has immediately seen an increase in traffic. I strongly recommend her services. Many Thanks.

Buki Ekeowa

Property Management Consultant, Invest 2 Dream

I’m so happy with Divine Copywriter services. I love how your positive use of words totally compliments me and my website style.  Since working with June Whittle, my website bounce rate has gone from 80% to 60%. And the average session time is 5 minutes. That’s due to my blog. I am receiving more hits too. I strongly recommend Divine Copywriter if you need help with reaching out to your niche market.

Clover Jean

Singer and Celebrant, Clover Jean Wedding Entertainment

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