Clover Jean Entertainment is a small wedding and party entertainment business based in Amsterdam. She provides bespoke amusement,  gospel and soul music services for wedding couples, corporate events or individuals planning surprise parties.

As a celebrant, singer and entertainer, she operates across all areas of Holland and Europe. Her USP (unique selling proposition) is unbeatable pricing and services. She charges far below large agencies without any hidden costs or booking fees. And she offers a personal, friendly service.

Despite that, she is competing with large Amsterdam and Dutch-wide, wedding and entertainment bureaus. On top of that, they have huge marketing budgets.

Been like an uphill struggle in a highly competitive industry.

The challenge is getting Clover Jean Entertainment’s clients to find her online. For this reason, it’s important that she’s at the top of Google for relevant search terms within her local and surrounding areas. SEO keywords such as wedding music, celebrant, fun entertainment and gospel choir are popular search words. 

Most importantly, the copy must be persuasive, informative and exciting enough for new customers to read, get in touch, take action and book her.

Solution: Deep SEO keyword research made a difference

In the middle of 2016, Clover Jean connected with Divine Copywriter to use her services. They discussed her budget, confirmed and signed a contract. She felt in safe hands because Divine Copywriter is a content strategist. The tailor-made services was what attracted Clover Jean to her company.

Divine Copywriter took the time to get to know her client’s business. So, she started by doing proper wedding keywords and entertainment market research. 

The site was easy to navigate. That made it accessible for Divine Copywriter to write and re-write pages such as the home page, services page, contact and about page.

Clover Jean Entertainment stats

By concentrating on specific pages, Divine Copywriter was able to show the difference made by appropriate wedding and entertainment industry research. She did that by using good copywriting skills and content strategy.

Gradually, Clover Jean became aware that the newly written pages were starting to out-perform others with poor quality content.

Results: Specific content strategies boosted sales

Clover Jean Entertainment’s website is ranking well for important and popular search terms within her field. What’s more, Divine Copywriter designs and sends out Clover Jean’s newsletter campaigns. And, revamp blog posts for Clover Jean including using SEO keywords to improve relevant areas of her website. This is bringing in huge rewards.

During the first year of working with Divine Copywriter, Clover Jean Entertainment saw a massive hike in her traffic. The overall readers to her site increased from 100 visitors a day to more than 600 – 800.

In addition, her wedding and entertainment company has been receiving more enquiries and bookings, too.

Clover Jean Entertainment stats

Clover Jean’s happy comment

By concentrating on certain sections for copywriting, I am becoming known within my unique wedding niche as an alternative celebrant. The good news is, it’s not just for gospel & soul music entertainment services. I’m getting lots of bookings for specialist areas such as bespoke and secular weddings.

Divine Copywriter continues to advise on SEO (search engine optimization) and content structure. Generally simple, inexpensive or step variable costs, which Clover Jean can carry out herself to help rankings.

Under Divine Copywriter’s recommendation, she is now using WordPress. At the same time, she provides regular, clear and actionable reports and tips for Clover Jean to use. The useful report is part of the package deal, written and compiled by Divine Copywriter. It’s more valuable than simply forwarding meaningless computer-generated figures.

I would love to know what you’re struggling with. Is it blogging, website content, getting traffic or leads, ghostwriting, social media management, editing, or something else? 

Let’s team up. Together we can grow your business. 

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