If you push yourself to the limit and don’t get enough rest, you’ll drain your energy levels. When your energy levels are low, motivation is compromised. A dip in motivation levels affects your creativity. And a lack of creativity stifles productivity.

Have you noticed how you feel empty and in need of revitalizing when your motivation hits rock bottom? Emotions are connected to motivation. When most people’s emotions are affected in a negative way, they find it difficult to focus.


The connection between emotion and motivation

Imagine you run a consulting business and have to deal with clients face-to-face all day. One morning you and your partner have a blazing row. It was so bad, it affected every fiber of your being in a negative way. But you didn’t want to let your clients down.

The first client walks into your office. You’re still angry. You don’t feel like seeing anyone. Your mind is elsewhere. You can’t think straight. You’re a mess. So, you try to suppress your emotions and carry on as normal. At the end of the day, the clients leave your office feeling they didn’t get your best; they knew something was wrong with you.

David Castro, author of Genership 1.0: Beyond Leadership Toward Liberating the Creative Soul, states, “Emotion deeply informs motivation; strong emotional intensity provides the energy for action. Weak intensity manifests as low energy, producing ineffective or meaningless responses. Individuals and teams may learn to mask their emotion, expressing feeling only through movement toward what they desire and away from what they detest.”

The Latin word for emotion is mouvere, which means movement. Movement and emotions are linked. Situations or people move us to feel either desire or disgust. We’re naturally drawn to someone or something we love, but can’t wait to get away from anything or anyone that stimulates hatred in us.

Emotion sometimes gets in the way of our livelihood. Jealousy can manifest as negative emotions in business. Competition drives businesses. If your competitor’s business is succeeding more than yours, it could provoke negative feelings in you. On the other hand, if your business is successful and theirs is failing, your emotional self-righteousness may surface.

“Comparing is a trap that permeates our lives, especially if we’re high-need-for-achievement professionals.” —Thomas Delong, Harvard Business Review.

So, how do emotional states tie in with motivation in the context of productivity? Your business or career could suffer and become stagnant if you allow negative emotions to take over. But, when your energy or motivation levels are high, positive feelings take over. Your creativity is fired up, and you’re ready to produce. Therefore, you’re more likely to be successful in your ventures.


Positive motivation has a profound effect on productivity

Inspired, motivated people are more likely to produce exceptional work. They’re persistent and therefore are driven to action. This results in positive outcomes.

Some of these outcomes are:

  • When you produce a successful, high-quality product, performance levels experience a boost.
  • When you achieve a goal in your daily life, business or career, productivity and creative output multiply.
  • When you exercise, mood-enhancing chemicals and endorphins are released into your blood stream. The results from exercising lift your mood and motivate you to do more.
  • When you have a high level of motivation, you experience growth and development in all areas of your life.

I’ll conclude with a quote from David Castro about basketball as an example of the impact of emotional motivation:

My son and I have had many conversations exploring these emotional dynamics, learning how to maintain positive feelings and high energy by staying in the present, focusing on each moment of the game rather than allowing negative emotions to become a distraction that reinforces failure. This requires players to recognize what produces their emotional dynamics at each moment.

Do you find that your negative emotion has a damaging impact on your productivity? How do you motivate yourself to do your daily tasks? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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