In most recent years, social media has proven to be one of the fastest growing online platforms. It has drawn a huge usage due to the simple and easy access one has to the various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yammer and Reddit, etc.

However, statistics have proven that three out of all the social media networks are the most effectively used. These are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The usage of these platforms cannot be overemphasize.

And this is owing to…
• The simple usability.
• Easy passage of information.
• Public view permission.
• The ability to reach people in different spheres of life from a particular location.

The ever-increasing rate of social media users makes it possible for the originators to create an advertising dashboard. Therefore, various firms are able to tap into the effective use of social media to generate good returns on their investment via social media ads.

How then can you get to effectively use social media ads. What are the possible returns from the usage of such ads?

This post takes an exclusive look at the three most frequently used social media networks:

Twitter Ads

Twitter, is known to have one of the largest social media network usages and a higher percentage log in per time. Statistics has it that over 328 million users with over 500 million tweets sent per day and 80% are mobile active.

People who use Twitter ads are assured of three things:

1. Potential customers spotlight Get your messages in front of people who are not following you yet by promoting your Tweets.

2. Reach more Twitter users (followers) – Quickly grow your community of high-value followers and drive word-of-mouth by promoting your account.

3. Measure results in real-time – Rank the growth of your follower base and see how people engage with every single Tweet.

Twitter Ads can be done in different methods which include: Promoted tweets, followers (promoted Account), Apps installed or engagement and video views on Twitter.

Let’s see how these methods work:

Promoted Tweets: Tweets can go promotional, designed specifically to appear as an ad on people’s timeline every time. This helps to increase engagement. A tracking tool can be used to check which leads came from the promoted tweet.

Followers (Promoted Account): Users of this simply copy the link of their webpage and insert it in their tweet with little or no caption. URL has proven to be the major tool for a follower’s promoted tweet.

Apps and Videos: Mobile firms are not left out… A newly created App can be promoted by installing it through the mobile ad. Video ads are useful to have people personally view a product just promoted and the launch of new ones.

A case study of Kogi Korean BBQ

The Kogi taco truck delivers gourmet tacos to L.A. denizens by the hundreds each night. But where will the Kogi truck be each night? Only Twitter users know for sure.

Mark Manguera’s plan to offer gourmet Korean BBQ tacos from a mobile taco truck was perfect. He had a great name, a tasty product, and a unique delivery method. He knew the demand would be there from L.A. club goers and night-owls looking for late-night eat but wary of fast food.

There remained one problem however. How would Manguera let people know where the Kogi Korean BBQ truck was at any given time? It would often travel all over L.A. from Venice to Culver City to downtown and back. Traffic, police and other travel issues often prevented it from being in the same spot each night at the same time. Kogi Korean BBQ needed a fast way to communicate the truck’s exact location every night to their growing customer base. Twitter gave Kogi drivers a surprisingly nimble and efficient method of keeping customers constantly updated about their whereabouts. The Kogi team would use Twitter during the night to tweet out its next location and tell people if and when it was delayed by traffic.

When Kogi started, the team had to hustle a little. Only about 10 people would show up at stops. Today, Kogi rules the night, serving as many as 300 to 800 people per stop at multiple locations around Los Angeles. Kogi’s success is due in no small part to Twitter. @kogibbq has more than 22,000 followers.

Here is what the CEO has to say; “Twitter helps us keep in touch with our audience, so we can always give them what they want.” —Mike Prasad, Brand and Social Media Director of Kogi Korean BBQ

In part 2 I will show you how to leverage Instagram ads successfully.


Michael Usiagwu is a freelance writer and inbound marketing consultant who works closely with (B2C) business-to-consumer and (B2B) business-to-business brands. He provides content that gains social media attention and increases search engine visibility. He shares actionable marketing ideas via his writing business. You can connect with Michael on Twitter, LinkedIn and at

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