Infidelity kick-started my writing journey because of a shocking confession. Many years ago, when I was living with my boyfriend, he brought another woman to our home. He shamelessly announced that he no longer loved me. He confessed his new love for the other woman cuddling up next to him.

That night I felt like someone had shot an arrow through my heart. After they left me alone, I had a strong urge to write. I searched my flat looking for a notepad and pen. Then, I sat down and wrote a heart-wrenching poem. It took me five minutes. I had no idea where the words came from. From then on, the discovery that I could put words together, stirred up my passion for writing.

I wanted to develop my new writing skills. So, I started a creative writing course with The Writers Bureau. I completed a few modules, but due to family commitments, I wasn’t able to finish it. But I wrote whenever I got the opportunity.

However, I eventually moved away from writing and went to work as a credit controller. I remarried and had my last child. My marriage turned into an abusive hell. So, I started writing poems again as a way of dumping my negative emotions. Then that marriage ended.

The longing to start writing more than poems materialized. One day after reading a few magazines, I sent a pitch to a lifestyle magazine with an article idea. It was accepted and featured in the magazine.

Nevertheless, my life took an unexpected turn. I had to move to another city and so, put writing on hold again. But after I settled in my new house, I registered with an adult education college. I started another creative writing course. Then, disaster struck again. Three close family members died unexpectedly within the space of nine months. I put writing on the back burner again.

Still, when you have a passion, it never dies. I later started a blog to inspire and educate women. That wasn’t enough, though. So, after a lot of soul-searching, I did something outside of my character…


My Writing Journey to Self-Employment

I made a drastic decision in April 2013. I quit my teaching job to pursue my dream of writing for a living. Friends and family thought I was insane. Why give up a secure job to step into a new field without any guaranteed earnings? They threw many questions at me. Nonetheless, my mind was made up.

I did The Complete Copywriting course with The Writers Bureau. It was useful but didn’t help me get clients or improve my writing skills. However, I managed to secure a few clients and carried on as a freelance writer.


How writing better will attract the right clients

Although I have had some regular clients, my writing is not up to the high standards needed to attract the right clients. I look at other writer’s content and know that I could do better. But I ask myself, how? The answer is finding a writing course to perfect my skills.

It’s essential to attract the right clients because I depend on my writing to pay the bills. I don’t want to admit defeat and go back to work for an employer full-time. Writing is my passion and I will do all I can to make it work.


Writing exceptional content will develop my confidence to reach out to bigger clients

I have been told I’m a strong writer. But, the obstacle I face is believing I’m not good enough. I know that there is plenty of room for improvement. I am not confident enough to reach out to new and bigger clients. If I believed my writing was exceptional, I would be earning enough to live my desired lifestyle.

I know hard work and writing goes hand-in-hand. And anyone who knows me will testify to the fact that I am a hard worker. Nevertheless, working hard without the right skills will only get me so far.

There are many businesses and individuals out there looking for exceptional writers. They need writers who will make a difference to their businesses and blogs, or other written content. I want to be one of those writers who will help them achieve their goals.

How can I do that?


The Damn Fine Words course will take my writing skills to a new level and change my life

After two years of not being bold enough to enter the Damn Fine Words writing contest, I am now taking a chance. What do I have to lose? If I get through, I will be forever grateful. Nevertheless, if I don’t, at least I tried.

Taking part in this course will take my writing to the highest level and change my life.


  • I will be confident to reach out to local businesses and offer my writing services.
  • I will be confident to ghostwriter eBook for individuals or business owners.
  • I will be confident and proud to tell people I meet; I am a freelance writer and can produce high-quality content.
  • I will be confident to update my blogs knowing that my writing will make my readers take action.
  • I will be confident knowing when I sit to write, fear or insecurity will be outdated. The voice in my head telling me I’m not a good enough writer will no longer be there.

Therefore, being a participant in the Damn Fine Words course is of immense importance to me. I know it could make a drastic difference in my writing career. In addition, change the way I see myself as a writer. I will describe it, as instead of just looking through the window of an exclusive store, I will be able to go in and buy what I desire.

I will conclude with this quote from Mary Kay, “There are four kinds of people in this world. Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen. Those who wonder what happened. Those who don’t know that anything happened.” Taking part in the Damn Fine Words writing course will put me in the first category of those who make things happen.

Thank you, James Chartrand for the opportunity to take part in this contest.

I’m June Whittle, an experienced and reliable freelance copywriter & blogger, based in London, U.K. I provide high-quality copy for your website or business blog. I will help you get potential customers in your target market. It doesn’t matter where you’re located. We can connect via Skype, email or telephone.

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