Sometimes in life you may find yourself on an uncomfortable journey—a journey to a damaging, unplanned destination. How you came to be on that path is irrelevant, because you now have a choice. You can choose a different path or stay with the one you’re on. The question is, are you passionate enough to make a change that will take you on another journey toward success?


Passion + change + drive = success

The success you want may not come instantly. But working to attain your goals will fuel your drive toward the success you desire. Many of us are already equipped with the necessary resources and tools we need to reach our goals, whereas others who are less fortunate have to work harder to obtain them.

There are many young people who fall into the “Less Fortunate” category. Their stories motivate me. That’s why I take delight in reading a picture is worth…. It’s full of inspirational life lessons about teenagers who turned negative situations into changes for the better.

Kevin Jendrus came from a broken home. His dad constantly cheated on his mom, so Kevin and his mother moved out of the family home. On top of that, they were treated like exiles in their neighborhood. Even Kevin’s best friend ignored him. Kevin had an unhealthy relationship with his dad, describing him as the worst dad because he neglected his son.

Yet, Kevin says, “I suck up the pain of the past and embrace it to be a better person.” That sentence sums up his passion for change. Instead of living with self-pity, he uses his misfortune to make positive changes in his life. His mom inspires him—he describes her as a strong woman, his “rock” and both a mother and father rolled into one.

Another example of a young person with a passion for change and success is Davell Lawrence, 18. At the age of 10, he was forced to leave his homeland of Jamaica and emigrate to America to live with his mom. He had to adapt to new cultures in a new country. However, instead of complaining, he says, “Now that I’m in the U.S., it’s my job to take this opportunity to become someone in life so I can help my family to get out of struggle.”

Changes will not happen until we take action. Passion will propel action. Ultimately, our passion is what drives us toward success.

However, to achieve success you need a vision. Davell has a hopeful vision for his future. He plans to achieve success through a series of changes.

This is Davell’s plan: “My goals in life are my main focus and I am determined to achieve them. I hope after graduation to attend college and study in the field of criminal justice. My career choice is hopefully to become a private investigator and work for the FBI or CIA. I hope to attend Villanova University after I spend two years in community college. I hope to achieve all my goals and become successful in life, to become a positive figure in others’ lives and set standards for how things should be done. I am a good person who has made mistakes in life, and is steering my path in the right direction to be a better man.”

Davell’s passion is clearly driven by a strong desire for change in his life. Those changes will eventually give birth to his vision, of the successful life he desires.

My personal passion for change happened when I quit my teaching job to become a full-time freelance writer. I am now on my journey toward success. But it takes planning, hard work and commitment.

Image source: Flickr by Christine Kase

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