Divine Copywriter’s top 7 high-powered writing services 


Whether you are a woman in business or an entrepreneur your products or services are unique. Therefore, my prices are customised to suit your specific writing projects. Team up with me to make sales so you can focus on developing your business.

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1. Blog your business to success

  • Blogging can double your traffic locally, nationwide & worldwide. More importantly, generate extra leads. Having a business blog (updated regularly) will put you in front of potential customers. And you’ll stand out from your competitors. On top of that, including SEO good practice will skyrocket your online presence.


2. Give your website content a face-lift

  • Promote your online business well with customised and excellent copywriting. Don’t let your website blend in the background. Use it to expose your brand to your target niche audience.


3. Re-energise successful old blog posts

  • Because of busy work schedule and lack of time, it’s easy to overlook your site. Make life easier and let me refresh your old, successful blog posts. Breathing fresh ideas into them will entice new readers. Besides, the revamped keywords will rank even higher above your competitors.


4. Set up Mailchimp and distribute email newsletter campaigns  

  • Mailchimp is an outstanding emailing marketing service. As your copywriter, I’ll use it to pack your newsletter full of interesting news. We will make your email newsletter seem like gold nuggets to your clients. And your competitors will no longer be a worry to you. 


5. Write Press Releases

  • Press releases are perfect for getting in front of your target audience. They are also a magnificent marketing tool for distributing to local newspapers, other blogs, websites or on social media. Shout out about new products, new innovations, new websites or more with a press release.


6. Ghostwrite eBooks

  • Being a copywriter and blogger, I love ghostwriting for women in business and freelancers. One of my top tips is to encourage you to write and publish your eBook. An eBook is a powerful tool to give your customers a complimentary gift without breaking the bank. In addition, it’s a fantastic incentive to entice new customers and grow your list.


7. Therapeutic writing workshops – the power of words

  • Writing is a wonderful healing therapy for releasing stress and helps you craft new ideas. Don’t store toxic junk inside. Pour out all the frustrations of running a business onto paper. Imagine writing as a punching bag for releasing pressures from your mind and the burdens of your heart.
  • I’ll use my first self-published eBook to create and deliver therapeutic writing workshops for you.


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This is what a satisfied client said…



I hired June because she was highly recommended to me. She updates my business blog weekly and manages my social media accounts daily. Since she started working with me, my hair and beauty business has become more popular. I have also seen an increase in my income from the business.


My Facebook and Twitter followers have grown. And there is more interaction. My clients have said positive things such as they like the content, consistency, advice and updates. Another client said she is a regular reader of the blog posts. She adds having a blog makes the salon look more corporate and professional. She enjoys reading the updates and she also believes the blog gives the salon a sense of belonging.


I would definitely recommend June to other local businesses.

Cynthia Ofori

Manager, Clarity Hair and Beauty

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