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I Will Manage Your Online Content and Free up Your Time


Your business is unique. Your service or product is different to everyone else’s. Nevertheless, you have the same goals – to get new customers, make sales and progress.

However, attempting to manage it all alone could hold you back. You can only do so much in one day.


Use your time wisely.

Let’s team up. This is what I will do for you…


Blog your business to success

Blogging often – even 3 to 5 times each month – can double your traffic and generate more leads. Having an online presence will put you in front of potential customers, not just locally, but nationwide or worldwide.

Blog to keep loyal customers updated with the latest news, encourage them with discounts, exceptional offers, competitions and exclusive content.

Work with a professional blogger to keep your blog updated with fresh, high-quality, valuable content.


Give your website content a face-lift

Is the content on your website homepage in need of some tender loving attention?

People are super busy. They also have short attention spans. If visitors to your website are looking and leaving, maybe the WORDS are not doing it for them. When they visit, you have only 10 seconds to attract their attention and keep them hooked. If they can’t find what they’re looking for immediately, you will lose them. They will go to your competitor’s site.

Your website copy must promote your business well. I will produce customised online content highlighting your brand to your target audience.


Revive old blog posts

There are tons of benefits of recycling old, successful blog posts. It’s worth it just for the fact that you used effort and energy creating them in the first place. And, if they were successful once, they are likely to be successful again.

Some of the main reasons for breathing fresh new life into old blog posts are…

* They will attract new readers to your blog. The keywords that ranked high back then will still rank now for new visitors searching.

* Update them with new trends, statistics and the latest industry information.

* Improve their SEO by making adjustments to titles, primary keywords or adding more relevant keywords. Then share on social media to attract attention.

* Share recycled blog posts in newsletters.

Index fresh new blog posts on Google to boost the page in the search engine. And, see an increase in traffic.

I will give your old blog posts a face-lift by injecting new life into them with compelling words.


Set up and distribute email newsletter campaigns  

Email newsletters packed with useful content and following email best practices are like gold nuggets to your customers. Reward them with incentives suck as money off coupons, special promotional discounts, competitions and the latest breaking news from your industry.

Consumers love email newsletters from businesses they trust and like. The right subject line (this has the power to influence open rates) will entice them to open their emails. The secret is not to push sales down your customer’s throat. Feed them useful information, advice and selected tips.

Written effectively, email newsletters are…

* Your ticket to connecting with your customers.

* A great opportunity for making more sales.

* One of the strategies for driving more traffic to your website.

* Perfect for bringing in new subscribers.

I will create and send email newsletters with attention-grabbing headlines and meaningful content.


Write Press releases

Are you launching a new product, event, website or wanting to share business news?

Press releases are perfect for getting in front of the public. They are a magnificent marketing tool you should not ignore. You can distribute them to local newspapers, blogs, websites or the media.

I will produce a press release that follows the required format for your project.


Ghostwrite eBooks

An eBook is powerful for putting your business on the map. On top of that, it will make you an authority (someone with significant knowledge) within your industry. It is a big incentive for enticing new customers. Share meaningful, exclusive information into an eBook and you are bound to get visitors signing up to your mailing list.

Using my ghostwriting experience, I will write an eBook to make your target audience take notice of your business. Most importantly, I will use your voice. No one will know you did not write it.

On the other hand, if you would like an eBook to share your personal story, I would love to put your WORDS on paper.


If you have any other projects not listed above, contact me and let’s talk about how I can help you.

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This what one of my satisfied clients said…

I’m so glad I connected with you on LinkedIn. My experience working with you has been nothing but splendid all the way through. I made a request for you to review my personal finance blog ( by email and received a very quick response that you would accommodate my request. You reviewed my blog and gave me some awesome pointers and honest feedback within 24 hours. I couldn’t ask or expect anything more.~


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