June Whittle is not only a writer and a fantastic copywriter but she has a wealth of knowledge in driving traffic. With all the information on the internet, you need someone who understands how to write in order to engage your audience. She is very helpful, easy to work with and extremely thorough in her approach. After a few sessions with her, she has helped transform my personal website into an inviting space which has immediately seen an increase in traffic. I strongly recommend her services. Many Thanks.

Buki Ekeowa

Property Management Consultant, Invest 2 Dream

I’m so glad I connected with you on LinkedIn. My experience working with you has been nothing but splendid all the way through. I made a request for you to review my personal finance blog (http://stretchadime.com) by email and received a very quick response that you would accommodate my request. You reviewed my blog and gave me some awesome pointers and honest feedback within 24 hours. I couldn’t ask or expect anything more.

Karthigan Michael Srinivasan

Senior Manageer & Blogger, Stretch A Dime

If you’re looking for a great writer who understands what readers want and who is open to feedback to ensure you always get the best, hire June.

Bamidele Onibalusi

Blogger, Writers in Charge

I hired June because she was highly recommended to me. She updates my business blog weekly and manages my social media accounts daily. Since she started working with me, my hair and beauty business has become more popular. I have also seen an increase in my income from the business.

My Facebook and Twitter followers have grown. And there is more interaction. My clients have said positive things such as they like the content, consistency, advice and updates. Another client said she is a regular reader of the blog posts. She adds having a blog makes the salon look more corporate and professional. She enjoys reading the updates and she also believes the blog gives the salon a sense of belonging.

I would definitely recommend June to other local businesses.

Cynthia Ofori

Manager, Clarity Hair and Beauty

Hi. I know you are reading this email because you are considering hiring June Whittle to help you with your writing endeavours. Please don’t! If you do, then it means I will not have enough of her time to focus on delivering awesome content for me. All jokes aside, June rocks! I am saying this beyond any doubt that you will enjoy working with her.

She will deliver content that will help to educate your target market and convert them into sales. This way with the content that she writes, you will be able to get more people to know, like, trust and eventually buy from you. I will keep working with her because she delivers well-written content that emotionally connects with my target market.

Owen McGab Enaohwo

CEO and Owner, Hire Your Virtual Assistant

I have used June Whittle’s services for my company’s website in the last year. I engage corporate business services where my websites and public relations is a key part of creating awareness for my business. June designed my website and contributed to its online content. Excellent customer service is what I get from Divine copywriter. I appreciate her proactive support for my business needs.

Michael Obata

CEO , Regal Diadem Cleaning

I’m so happy with Divine Copywriter services. I love how your positive use of words totally compliments me and my website style.  Since working with June Whittle, my website bounce rate has gone from 80% to 60%. And the average session time is five minutes. That’s due to my blog. I am receiving more hits too. I strongly recommend Divine Copywriter if you need help with reaching out to your niche market.

Clover Jean

Singer and Celebrant , Clover Jean Wedding Entertainment

June has provided my school with first-class copywriting, website design, editing and proofreading services. June is completely reliable and takes the whole process in her stride. She started by taking the brief, organising and carrying out interviews to gathering the necessary information, drafting copy, and proofreading the final versions. June always delivers. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Coach AbbeyG

Relationship and Sex Solution Coach, My Coach AbbeyG

We recently started a new childcare business with an emphasis on quality and education as well as customer service. We wanted to use our website as an informative and educational tool and so felt the need to enlist the services of a Blogger/Copywriter.

As fate would have it, we stumbled upon the one and only Divine Copywriter and the rest is history…

To date we are extremely happy about June’s commitment to our cause as well as her excellent grasp of our paradigm and we can highly recommend June and her services to anyone in search of an honest, hard working and enthusiastic Copywriter.

Karen Aggrey-Odoom

Manager, Ivy League Nursery

On behalf of Arch Street Press, I would like to commend June Whittle for her writing skills, professionalism and reliability.

From September 2014 to January 2015, June completed monthly contracted tasks to submit a blog post of at least 400 words, to listen to two of our podcast interviews and comment constructively on each on both our website and Facebook page, to share an excerpt of her blog on up to three relevant LinkedIn groups and to share one other entry from another Arch Street Press blogger on at least one social media site. June displayed an enthusiasm about her work with us and contributed valuable dialogue surrounding the themes central to our projects and publications.

June’s work provided thoughtful analysis of these projects and publications. She remained open to new ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism, and maintained an appropriate professionalism throughout her time with us.

Bearing our positive experience with June in mind, we confidently recommend her
for positions that require out-of-the-box thinking, adherence to deadlines, an open mind and a developed writing style.

Anne Ulizio

Director of Special Projects, Arch Street Press

I was so impressed with June’s work and the speed at which she delivered with such short notice. I had never used a copywriter for my online content before, so I must confess I was a bit hesitant initially. I had a deadline to meet in order to release my website on time and I decided to outsource the report writing work to June.

Every online entrepreneur should know that for your website to drive traffic and convert it to paying clients content is key. Not just any content, but something that will immediately grab the reader’s attention and keep them on your site. June was amazing. I simply provided an overview of the topic. She did the research and pulled the information together effortlessly within a very short space of time. What would have taken me weeks to do, because I was busy with other parts of the business, took her literally days to complete, to high standards. She even helped proofread my site.

She’s highly skilled at paying close attention to detail and noticed things that I overlooked time and time again. She provides very constructive feedback and is very helpful with useful tips and ideas that are bound to explode your business. It has been an absolute pleasure working with June. I can rest, assured that as my business grows, I have someone who I can rely on for all written marketing materials.

Buki Ekeowa

Property Management Consultant, Acquired Homes

There is a globally accepted knowledge that nothing outside of nature itself is perfect. It can be deduced from this that everything else is therefore in perpetual need of improvement. This is where June Whittle comes in. She edited my first book, Gorilla Masks. June is a very experienced editor and this was very important to me on a number of levels.

First of all, I wrote with the intention of reaching a big audience. Therefore, it was essential from the onset that everything was done properly. It wasn’t good enough to self-edit or employ the services of any English teacher to edit my book. My book needed an editor who could restructure the order in which the chapters were presented so that it reads better. It needed an editor who could identify an author’s preferred style of writing and recommend suitable changes.

Gorilla Masks needed editing skills that identified how to make it a compelling read. June did all that on top of correcting grammar and spelling. The second reason was that writing is a personal thing that requires one to one service. June agreed a time by which editing would be finished and worked to it. She provided me two copies of my manuscript.

One is my original and the second the edited version. This was to enable me to see the improvements made so that I could learn from the process.

She took phone calls and booked meetings to discuss the feedback. June directed me to online resources to support the images used for Gorilla Masks and gave feedback on the title. She recognised the necessity for new authors like me to learn from every process. She spelt out how my writing could be improved. I would strongly recommend any experienced or new author to seek June Whittle’s editing services.

Chukwuemeka Ekeowa

Author, Gorilla Mask (Book)

June Whittle provides excellent academic proofreading services. She edits the work, thereby ensuring your work is free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. This puts your work at a professional standard.

She offered her services to me when I did my dissertation and I was impressed with the work. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Agnes Gombera

University Student

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